What can Kavanaugh teach us?

Whatever you think about Brett Kavanaugh, you can take a lesson from his messaging.  It’s crystal clear.

I watched the first live interview of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh after the allegations that he sexually assaulted women came out.  What really stood out to me was how clear he was in that interview on his message.  Dozens of times throughout the 20 minute interview he said – verbatim – the same 3 statements.

Like he was selling a product, he had “taglines” that he repeated over and over until they were easy for the audience to remember.

Your messaging as a parent needs to be that clear.

Our kids get so many mixed messages today that it’s extra important that you be super clear on your priorities and values.  Think about what you ask about in the car at pickup.

Are you that mom that asks about her son’s tests every day and then claims she “doesn’t care that much about grades”?  She wants her son to be happy and find something that he loves to do. But she also wants him to do well in school so he can get into a good college and maybe even get some scholarship money.  Her conflicting priorities will come through and her son will most likely think that all she cares about is grades.

Or are you that mom who says that she wants to raise a strong, confident daughter and then always emails her daughter’s teachers instead of letting her daughter handle things herself? (p.s.  I always reserve the right to step in with my ass kickin’ boots if need be.)

Do your kids know what you value most?

If you had to boil it down to 3 messages that you repeated over and over until your kid’s eyes rolled back in their heads, what would they be?  What have your kids heard you say the most?

My priorities as a parent are:
Every decision made with love, to keep them physically and mentally safe, and to have as much fun together as possible.

So I asked my kids what my greatest hits were and they said:

“Eat a protein.”

I was obsessed with feeding them breakfast before they went to school because I think they learn better on a full tummy. I used to tell that it was an easy way to improve their grades with no extra work.  I love to feed people and to this day eating is a huge part of our family life. It’s a point of connection for us so it falls under fun and it falls under keeping their bodies safe and healthy.

“I don’t want you to go out in the rain, but if you do…wear a raincoat.”

That saying was slang for – please don’t have sex but if you do, use a condom.”  Which later became slang for please think through the consequences of your choices.  The fact that I wanted to be a home where no conversation was off the table, to me falls under all 3 values.  And believe me, we have some great conversations.

“I love you.”

All parents feel this.  I tried to never miss an opportunity to say it.  In the morning. On the phone. Before bed. When they told me a story and my heart swelled up with pride.  I don’t save this one for special occasions.  I said it so much it was “annoying”.

You may not like politicians but you can still learn from them.  The successful ones, like successful brands all have one thing in common – clear messaging.

  • Bounty – the Quicker, Picker Upper

  • Nike – Just Do It

  • MasterCard – There are some things money can’t buy.  For everything else there’s MasterCard.

As Donald Miller, author of the best selling book Story Brand, says:  If you confuse you lose.

Make sure your values and priorities don’t get lost on your kids.  My challenge for you this week is to ask your kids what 3 things you say the most.  Do they reflect your values and priorities?

If you need help clarifying your messages, let’s hop on the phone and talk.  Schedule a free 20 minute call here and we’ll come up with your family’s own clear messages.


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