PST 4: Put the “Fun” Back in Dysfunctional

A lot of people feel crappy this time of year because they are comparing their actual real families to the Hallmark specials that show happy, color coordinated, families exchanging witty banter in homes that look like Joanna Gaines came over and set up the tree herself.  

Nowhere do they show you hiding in the bathroom drinking from the mini bottles you stashed in your purse.  Or “running errands” as an excuse for some relief.  “What?  We need more ice?  I’ll go.”

Dysfunctional Family Bingo is a game that makes challenging family gatherings more fun.  You take all of the things you are afraid might happen, and play a game where you get rewarded when they do. 

Share this with a friend and let me know how it goes!

Blank bingo card and Sample Filled Out Bingo

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