Never underestimate the power of a bribe…

I went to the doctor’s this week.  This is a pretty big deal because I hadn’t been for a check up in 4 years.  I take the kids, but I never go myself because of a variety of lame excuses.  But we moved cross country this year and weirdly my old doctor put his foot down about refilling an old prescription for me.  So to the new doctor I went!


How did I get myself to do it?  To be honest, I bribed myself.  I told myself that if I went, I could have a pedicure.  Even though it is 20 degrees here and I haven’t had my Ugg’s off since October.


When you are doing something that you are nervous about (or something you just really don’t want to do), learning to celebrate your efforts is a big part of the process I teach.  People who only celebrate when they are successful are successful less often.  That’s the bottom line.  People who learn to celebrate their efforts make more efforts.  And more efforts means a greater chance at success.


I have to go back next week for more tests.  Turns out when you haven’t been in 4 years they want all kinds of information.  Hmmm.  Maybe next week I’ll have lunch with my aunt…

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