March Madness

If you haven’t seen it, here is a 2016 video from UConn coach Geno Auriemma that went viral this week.  It’s fabulous, and I’m so grateful for my friend sending it to me.


In the video, Coach Auriemma talks about how hard it is to recruit enthusiastic “kids who are upbeat and loving life and love the game” because so many players are just trying to act cool like the players they see.


“We put a huge premium on body language,” Auriemma said. “And if your body language is bad, you will never get in the game. Ever. I don’t care how good you are.”  He goes on to say that he is watching the body language of the bench as much as the players on the court.


If they are checked out, they won’t see court time.  If they are putting a premium on looking good rather that working hard, no court time.  Easy as that.


This is really great advice for all of us.


  • Be enthusiastic about the game – your job, relationships, kids, etc.


  • If you want something.  Don’t be afraid to let it show.  Let your coach (boss, spouse, kids, colleagues, etc.) know that you are all in.


  • Root for your teammates.  Cheer them on.


  • Let their success be the team’s success.


  • Let them be an example of what’s possible.


  • Be an example for them of what’s possible.

My favorite thing about March Madness is the way it inspires me to play in my own game. Watching those athletes play motivates me to work harder and have more fun doing it.  It makes me want to build my (metaphoric) team and help my clients make it to the finals.


p.s.  I love getting cool videos & articles so if you see something, send it my way.  Be the proverbial grandmother that clips articles and sends them.

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