PST 1: Breaking the Worry Habit


A recent study showed that 6 in 10 Americans worry more about their kids as teenagers than they did when their kids were babies.

Makes sense.  As parents, we feel like we have lots of reasons to worry.  There is a whole spectrum of concerns from little things like sketchy personal hygiene to grades that now count for college apps, SAT scores, paying for college, underage drinking, drugs,  and the list goes on and on.

You’ve probably started to worry right now!

And I used to defend worrying as necessary. I said things like

  • That’s what being a mom is.
  • Of course, I worry.  There are so many dangers in today’s world.
  • Worry is useful.  It’s part of protecting my family.

Now I think differently.  By dramatically reducing my worry, I became a better Mom. I was able to relax and enjoy being a parent again.

Listen to this week’s episode for my 3 step process to dramatically reduce your own worry levels.

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