Becoming a better boss

Last week, I announced on my Facebook Live that I’m a crappy boss. You can watch it here. The kicker is that I work for myself.


After last week’s 3 days long migraine, I swore I’d turn over a new leaf.  Instead of working all weekend, I  went to my daughter’s volleyball tournament.  I made dinner.  I did 120 loads of laundry.  I entered the new week recharged and ready.


But today rolled around and I knew I had fallen back into my old habits.  I love what I do and that misleads me to overworking. By noon I felt another migraine coming on.  I was sitting at my desk wondering how I was going to make it through my 8:00 client call.  I found myself thinking “if only I could take a half hour off to take some medicine and lay down….”


And then I remembered that I am my own boss.  It is up to me if I answer all the emails.  It is up to me if I use this afternoon to compile tax records.  So I took the afternoon off.


I teach body language.  And one of the things I teach is that you can’t hide from it.  Our bodies always give us away.  They are designed to do that.  They are on our sides.  But we have to listen to them and not push them to point of exhaustion.


You may not be your own boss but I bet there are things you can do this week to take better care of your body at work. Here are some suggestions:


  • Set a timer at work to stretch your legs so that you don’t sit in one position too long.

  • Go to bed on time.  Whatever that time is for you.

  • Add something fun to your day.  Read something cool.  Watch a funny video.

  • Phone a friend at lunch.  Even a 5 minute conversation can be a pick me up.

  • Buy yourself noise canceling headphones.  Working in a quiet environment can ramp up your productivity and allow you to work to whatever music you like.

  • Take lunch.  Don’t eat hunched over the same laptop you spent the morning hunched over.

  • Be realistic about your to-do list.  Pick your top 3-5 and let the rest move to tomorrow.

  • Drink more water.

  • Notice if you are holding your breath.  Often times when we are having a “difficult conversation”, we hold our breath.

  • Try a desk workout.


Shoot me an email and tell me what you are going to do this week to be a better boss to yourself.   I clearly need the suggestions.

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