Want Out?

Sick and tired of being unhappy at work ?

I can help.

Let me show you how to ask for (and get) what you want.

What’s not working?

Do you hate not being heard? Are you overdue for your next promotion? Can you not say “no”? Let’s figure out what’s working and what has to change.

What do you want?

Do you need your weekends back? Time to go to the gym? Money for your kid’s college? Together we will come up with an answer where you can still pay your mortgage.

Make it happen.

We’ll make a plan. Execute. Adjust. One step at a time towards a job you love.

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You can’t hide the truth. That is a blessing and a curse.  Body language allows you to see the feelings that other people are hiding, but it also means that you can’t hide. Your thinking [...]

Exploding Doormats

, I have a client who thinks he has to be mad to have the courage to ask for things.  He calls it going into jerk mode. (Okay, that’s not what he calls it but I can’t print what he calls it.) The [...]

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